Heavyhitters Amsterdam Vol. 1

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Magazine: Amsterdam Heavyhitters Vol. 1

"| have been documenting graffiti for the last couple
of years in Amsterdam. I don't have a particular graff
history or friends who write, but more or less got
hooked to it by myself. When I have a free evening
I like to take my bike and cycle the city with my
headphones and some good music. Doing so | started
to notice more and more the graffiti around me.
I started to recognize different writers and thought
it would be cool to start photographing the pieces,
tags and throws I came across. Initially just with my
smartphone, later
with a slightly better (zoom)
camera and recently also with a drone. If possible I like to
capture the interaction of the graff with the environment,
for example a person walking by or a train passing
the piece. Especially the drone enabled me to reach
otherwise impossible spots (e.g. tracksides, along the
highway and train yards) and also to use interesting
perspectives. In this magazine you'll find a selection
of my photos. The photos have all been taken in the
period august 2018 - august 2021."
Dutch Toy

Published: Sept. 2021
Full color offset
Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm. / 6.7 x 9.4 inch.
Pages: 64 Pages
Pages– 135 g/m²
Cover – 250 g/m²
Saddle – stitched
Limited: 200 copies printed!