Copycats Vol. 2 (Limited 100 Copies!)

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 Magazine: CopyCats Vol. 2

Copycats Vol. 2. In the 80's it was a huge trend in
Dutch graffiti culture to photocopy eachothers black-
book pages. From city to city a huge library of black
book styles was gathered. For the first time in 30+
years these unseen gems by known and unknown
writers have been unearthed. This movement played a
big part in the foundation of Dutch graffiti styles. Some
people add tags, sketches or remix other peoples stuff
to spread their name. The amount of these copies is
insane and we have decided to make this an unlimited
series of copy bundles.

Published: March 2021
Country: The Netherlands
Language: English
Pages: 64
Size: A5
Limited: 100 copies printed!